Transporting materials and equipment was a costly endeavor, with the soft tundra reaching havoc on wagon wheels. Charles D Lane saw the need for an easier form of transportation and started developing a railroad from Nome to Dexter and Council to Ophir Creek


Wild Goose RR & Nome Arctic RR

The Wild Goose Railroad was created by the Wild Goose Mining Company in Alaska. Charles D Lane acted as the President of the Wild Goose Mining company, until his death in 1911. In 1903 the Wild Goose Railroad was reorganized as the Nome Arctic Railway. The Nome Arctic Railway. ran for a four-month period from 1903-1905. In 1906 the railroad was bought out by the newly formed Seward Peninsula Railway


Seward Peninsula RR

On April 27, 1906 what remained of the Wild Goose Railroad was purchased to form The Seward Peninsula Railway. It was during this time that operation was extended to Lane’s Landing also known as Shelton. On November 18, 1921, the Alaska State acquired the railway line and renewed the equipment, however regular operation did not resumed.


Curly Q RR

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CC-SR RR.png

Council CIty Solomon River RR

With the goal of connecting the rich gold fields of council with the harbor at Solomon. Although the railway operated from 1903 through 1907, it never reached its destination of council in steading falling short some 20 miles at Penelope Creek.

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