MOUNT DISTIN, el. 2,115 ft.

This is another popular hike among locals.

  • Use geological survey maps C-1 and D-1.

  • Difficulty: Moderate. The elevation gain is about 1,700 feet. Figure on six hours. There are steep dropoffs. Since this hike takes you three miles off the road, be sure to follow the precautions listed at the top of this publication.

  • Distance: About 5 miles, round trip

Drive the Glacier Creek Road to its crossing of Goldbottom Creek, at approx. 64° 44’ 40" N, 165° 23’ 45" W.

At about ten miles from Nome, this road becomes narrow in spots, with thick mud in others during the spring, and washouts. You’ll want to be driving a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The easiest approach is due north, between Silver and Steep Creeks, to near "x1129," continuing north to Distin’s broad western shoulder, and then east, up to the top.

In July, you’ll want to take your time to enjoy the wild flowers, as every hundred feet or so of elevation one type will dominate as one delicate ecosystem evolves into another.

Mount Distin’s peak is a very narrow ridge. Warning: you’ll be tempted to hike down the south side, but don’t. Below you, out of view, the slope becomes dangerously steep. Retrace your steps back to the vehicle. On the way back you might want to drop down into Steep Creek and enjoy the waterfall. Caution: there is a mining shaft in this area. 

By:Tom Busch