KIGLUAIK VIEW (hike to 3080/2993.)

THRILLING KIGLUAIK VIEW, hike to 3080/2993.

Few locals know this one, as the incredible view is not obvious from the road. It’s one of our very favorites, with a payoff that far outweighs the effort.

  • Refer to geological survey map Nome D-1.

  • Difficulty: Moderate. You gain over 2,000 feet of elevation. Your destinations have steep, sudden 1,200-foot dropoffs on the north side. Like the Grand Canyon, you’re not in jeopardy if you don’t step too close to the edge. The hike is primarily on firm, dry ground with a lot of loose rock. Since this hike takes you two miles off the road, be sure to follow the precautions listed at the top of this publication.

  • Distance: About 4 miles round-trip. Plan on 4 to 6 hours.

  • Go on a clear day when the mountain tops are visible.

Begin the hike at about Mile 27 of the Kougarok Road, just after it turns eastward toward Salmon Lake. Park at about 64° 53’ 22" N., 165° 14’ W. For the safety of others, ensure that your parked vehicle is well visible from both directions.

Hike north, directly toward the top of little knob 666, and from there, follow the broad ridge north. It’s about two miles to 2993. Once you near the top, the view--and possibly the wind--will take your breath away. You will discover that the gentle hill you just hiked is actually a steep cliff on its north side. The peak of Mount Osborn is about 5 miles to the north, the Seward Peninsula’s highest point, at 4,714 feet. You will see that what appears on the topo maps to be hikeable ridges are actually lines of spires and sawteeth. To the southeast, Salmon Lake is visible.

Retrace your steps back to the road. 

By:Tom Busch