GLACIAL LAKE VIEW hike to hill 1350.

  • Use geological survey map Nome C-2.

  • Difficulty: It’s not real tough but it’s long. Plan to spend all day on this one. You gain about 1,000 feet elevation.

  • Since this hike takes you four miles off the road, be sure to follow the precautions listed at the top of this publication.

  • Distance: About 10 miles, round trip. This trip will give you a nice taste of gold country.

Drive the Teller Road to the Cripple River bridge. 64° 40’ 36" N., 165° 44’ 23" W. You’ll find it at the bottom of a valley after a long descent. Park in the turnout, which is just before the bridge and to the right. This is where Oregon Creek joins the Cripple.

Visible to the northeast is a long, rounded hill with three crests. That’s your destination. You’ll be hiking up Oregon, which is the southernmost of the two streams. Follow more or less alongside it to its left on the open tundra, gradually climbing, for a total distance of about 3 miles, and proceed up the hillock to your left, labeled "x 1040" on the topo.

From 1040, look down into the bottom of the creek valley, ¾ mile south, and you may see some evidence of the old Oregon gold mine. Proceed to the top of the hill. There are three main peaks.

From the top, your view of the surrounding country and the Kigluaik Mountains is excellent. From this vantage point, you have a rare peek at Glacial Lake, nestled in the mountains 10 miles to the north.

Caution: there may be a nesting pair of peregrine falcons high above Snowshoe Gulch, and they don’t like visitors.

You can return the way you came, or hike off the northern tip of the hill, north to the Cripple, which you can then follow to the road. We don’t recommend hiking west off the hill, as the half-mile of flats can be boggy.

By:Tom Busch